The Waterfront


We love this property because of the view of the lake, both from the Cottage on the upper level and from the waterfront area.  It is called “waterfront” instead of “beach” because it is rock and stone below a bluff.   We have just added a dock to the waterfront area and there is a swim float that you can swim out to and maybe bring a canoe or kayak up to it. The lake water is cool and comfortable, but we want to state that you swim at your own risk as this is a private home without a lifeguard.

Bring your beach shoes for traction and protection from the zebra mussels.  Once in the water, you can swim out to our float in the cool, refreshing water.


Our camp has a perfect vantage point for enjoying the stunning sunsets on Lake Champlain.

Fabulous Sunset 6:22:18

While you are here, you could bring (or rent from a local business) your quiet sports boats like a canoe or a kayak. It’s the perfect way to explore our little corner of the lake.

1 am stars and floatPortrait






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